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Cognitive Behavior Therapy


What is CBT?

CBT is based on the theory that beliefs behaviours emotions and physiology are all interrelated. CBT is collaborative, present focused, time limited approach to our problematic thinking behaviours and emotions. CBT sessions are directed towards clear and lasting solutions.



Cognitive Behavior TherapyCBT teaches us Realistic Alternative ways of Thinking and Behaving:

Below is the most frequently used example to explain how the same event can have at least one other alternative appraisal.
Consider the following:
You have had a bad day, feel fed up, and so go out for a walk (Situation). As you walk down the road, someone you know walks by and apparently ignores you.
Unhelpful thoughts such as "they ignored me - they don't like me" result in you feeling low and rejected (Mood & Feelings). You get stomach cramps, feel sick (Physical Reaction) and decide to go home and avoid the person (Behaviour).
Helpful thoughts such as "they look a bit wrapped up in themselves, I wonder if there's something wrong?" mean that your emotional reaction is concern for the person. Rather than having negative feelings, you get in touch with them to make sure they are ok.


Grounded by Science

CBT is guided by the scientific study of thoughts, feelings, brain and behavior. Treatment programs are subjected to rigorous tests to obtain convincing evidence of their effectiveness before they are introduced to the public.




What’s the history of CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on WikipediaIt was developed in the 1960s by Dr Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist based in the United States.

He began working with clients’ negative thoughts, and developed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help them appraise their pattern of thinking and view issues more realistically.

Over the past 50 years, CBT has become an effective mainstream psychological treatment for emotional and behavioural problems such as Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety (Anxiety is one of the most common reasons for seeking CBT Counselling).